Tree services involve planting and caring for trees along with their maintenance and management. Tree service is a task that you should leave to experts because a number of accidents are reported every year where people with no experience in tree service try to manage trees that are grown in their gardens. Let me be very clear, only a duly trained and professional tree service provider can provide the best service. Now, the question arises, how to identify the best tree service provider? Well, there are a few guidelines, which you need to keep in mind whenever hiring a tree service. Here they are:


The first thing that you need to check in a tree service provider is whether he/she has the necessary qualifications to accomplish the task. If he/she is able to provide certificates issued by the government agencies, then that should be good enough for you to move onto the next step.


You need to ensure that the tree service provider you are hiring is well qualified and vastly experienced. Along with that, he/she must be insured because as I mentioned earlier, accidents and tree service go hand in hand, so if the tree service provider doesn’t have insurance, then that will put him/her, the company and even you in big trouble. Ask the professional about all the existing associations and/or organizations to be sure about his/her authenticity.  

Tree Service Vs Tree Looping Vs Topping?

You should avoid professionals who call themselves ‘loppers’ because tree looping and topping or even tree trimming are just cutting of tree branches and top respectively, which is not legal because of the damage they do to the tree. Only opt for a genuine tree service provider.

Ask the professional for referrals, and as you get the names and contact details, get in touch with the referrals to understand as to how the tree service professional has worked in his/her previous projects. If you can obtain referrals from government agencies, then that is even better. Make sure to get the details of referrals in writing in order to find them easily.

Is Tree Removal The Only Solution?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the tree, but not always. I have seen some tree service providers insisting people for tree removal even for mundane reasons. If you meet with such a tree service provider, then it is better to consult another one just have one more opinion on the matter. Moreover, tree removal is a task that needs permits and consents, so make sure that the tree service provider has those permits and consents before he/she can remove the tree.

Tree service is not like gardening, and so, you must not take it casually. Hire a tree service professional and get things done in a professional way.