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How A Tree Service Can Help Treat A Sick Tree | Boca Garden Club

Most people have a perception that tree services are only meant for cutting down dying, dead or otherwise dangerous trees, but in reality, those services offer a lot more. Those people will be surprised to know that tree services save a countless number of homeowners millions of dollars every year by providing tree removal service to ensure the beauty of the yard/garden. With this service, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on costly repairs, which they have to incur when a tree falls on their homes or cause mold growth against the siding.

There is no doubt that hiring a tree service is cheaper than waiting for a catastrophe to happen. However, tree services don’t just offer tree removal services.

You will find tree services that specialize in the singular task of cutting down and removing trees in a safe and effective manner, but that’s just a small part of the story. Many tree services employ ‘certified arborist’, a person having expertise with trees. An arborist is a person who will diligently check the tree for any damage and/or infection, and if he founds anything wrong, then a suitable treatment will be provided for the same.

When cutting down a tree is not always the best option?

If you think this is not relevant, then you’re wrong. If a tree is infected with a disease or the existence of it is putting the entire house in danger, then cutting down the tree is the first thing that comes to the minds of most people. However, that depends on a number of factors such as, how immediate the danger is, is the entire tree a few of its branches causing threat to the house or, is the tree too weak to stay upright and so on. Answers to these questions will help you make the right decision whether or not to cut the tree down.

In case, the disease has just begun to be noticeable in the tree, then in those cases, you have the arborist take a look at the tree and suggest the right treatment instead of cutting the tree. The reason why this is a good decision is that treating a tree at a time when it has just started to fall sick will prevent the elimination of the tree from your premises. Moreover, it will also prohibit the disease from spreading to other trees in the yard. This process is also cheaper than the process of uprooting a tree when it isn’t really necessary.

Many tree services don’t just restrict themselves to offering a single service, i.e., tree removal, but they offer a wide range of solutions based on the condition of trees because not every time, a tree will have to be uprooted. So, hire a tree service Greensboro provider who offers the most suitable solution rather than sticking to just one common solution, i.e., tree removal.